“I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pockettt….” Ahh nothing like a little bit of thrift shopping to alleviate the everyday strife of a tumultuous teen life :p As it was Mother’s Day Weekend there was a 50% sale for all women’s clothing and accessories at the Salvation Army! My friend Zoe and I literally only had $20 each, so we were in desperate need of some bargains.

Sales on sales on sales!

Being among the racks brought me back to my volunteering days at the Salvation Army in Oshawa a couple months ago, and if you didn’t know, for every dollar spent 89 cents go back into the community 🙂 So if you’re ever in need of a faux mink coat or a case for your prized bowling ball go shop at Salvation Army! We didn’t spend spend too much time there, but we both walked away with some killer deals!! The number one rule when thrifting is to always keep an open mind (hmm not a bad life principle either) because you never know what you’re going to find… Has anyone else noticed the accidental rhymes? Lol I just did it again. Anywhoodle, I scored a pair of perfectly fitted, retro, high-waisted jeans 😀 Did I mention they’re red? <3  I didn’t quite believe in love-at-first-sight before, but I must say  I am reconsidering my opinion.  I also got a similar pair of Calvin Klein jeans that are orange 🙂 Annnnd a really cute pink purse that I swear walked right out the Clueless movie. It’s strange because i’m not usually a pink person in regards to clothes, but I’ve been wanting to step outside my fashion-box and try something new. Well that’s all for now, I have a really amazing social experiement i’m working on, so stay tuned for more! 😉

I found love in these jeans <3

Yours Truly,




P.S. We also went to the mall, and casually tried on a few prom dresses! I just wanted to post a picture of my favourite, so may I have a drum roll please? ********************************************************************************  

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