Hayy there! Yes, hay is for horses but it is also great as a greeting *puns* . Anyway, as I briefly mentioned before, I have been working on an independent business venture within my school. This venture consisted of selling t-shirts that would be exclusively available to the grade twelve students to commemorate our graduating year. My inspiration for this idea came from the sale of class rings.

Some casual modeling ;)

Some casual modeling 😉

These rings can be quite pricey and a t-shirt is a more affordable and fashionable alternative. Well after weeks of advertising over the announcements, reviewing the final designs and colours, going into bounty-hunter mode to collect people’s money, being harassed with a constant flow of “are the shirts ready yet?”, waiting somewhat patiently for the order to be completed after a two week delay, and just running around in general trying to make sure everything stayed organized it is all finally coming to a close. I was able to pick up the finished product yesterday and I love them <3 During lunch my friend Zoe and I set up a table in the front foyer of our school to distribute to the paying and not very patient grade twelve students 🙂

What it looks like to achieve your goals #pride

What it looks like to achieve your goals #pride

Unfortunately, there were many people who were missing at school today because prom is tomorrow and if you haven’t been taking care of your eyebrows on a regular basis it very well could take an entire day to tame those caterpillars Lol. The distribution process will continue on Tuesday, and hopefully I will be able to get a group picture with all the students who bought a shirt 🙂 I’m so proud, maybe I have a future in sales… There are endless possibilities for the future 🙂 Anyway, until tomorrow when I will have to fill you in about PROM!! 😀



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