Hello hello! this week has been quite an eventful one!

The Baking process!

In preparation for the bake sale at my school on Friday February 27, I made my famous Snickerdoodle cookies :p Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome that name is? The Snickerdoodle Cookie… I LOVE IT! haha I am happy to say they turned out really well (because you know I had to try one…or two)! Aside from the cookie making process for the bake sale, throughout the week we have had black history trivia over the announcements! One of my favourite questions being ‘What was the name of Martin Luther King Jr.’s  Wife’s name?’ Do you know what it is? ………… If you said Coretta Scott King then you would be right! You also would have won a pizza party 🙂 Throughout the week our group has posted a variety of informative posters around the school encouraging our student body to educate themselves on prominent black persons throughout history. Our slogan “Knowledge is Power” is a great testament to this. The day of the bake sale, we played music,  like A Little Wine by Patrice Roberts , that reflected the diversity of most of those participating. The bake sale was a huge success and we raised about $200 for the Big Brothers and Sisters organization.

The bake sale 🙂 Notice the Black Canadians in History poster?

As an active member of the Black History Committee we have been working to teach our school about embracing the variety of culture that exists in our community in celebration of Black  History Month. I personally feel so privileged have been born into two different cultures because it broadens the range of people I can have a more personal connection with. I love walking into a Sunrise Caribbean restaurant, ordering jerk chicken or curry goat, and automatically having a conversation starter with the people there.  Though the month of February is coming to a close today, it doesn’t mean that the acquiring of knowledge and celebration of all culture will be over 🙂 So let us all enjoy and celebrate culture and diversity on our final day of Black History Month 2015.


Yours Truly,


Proud to be both Jamaican and German

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