The life of a pageant girl is absolutely crazy and exhausting, and what better way to fuel up than to eat a good meal? Yesterday at the Eaton Center Mall I had the privilege of eating at the #richtree food truck where they served up amazing tacos and burritos.  I personally had the beef burrito which was made with some delicious fresh onions, lettuce, and cheese all of which is locally grown and organic.




I wonder how they got this bus in the mall ….

The overall atmosphere of this market-style restaurant was trendy, vintage, and refreshing from the typical grab and go food place. Who ever came up with the idea to use a robin-egg blue Volkswagen hippie bus is an absolute genius and would love to talk to them about their artistic eye. I am so grateful for the opportunity to eat here because I love to try new things! I almost could not decide what to have; I was torn between the chicken tacos and the burritos. I would absolutely come back if ever I was looking for delicious and authentic Mexican food 🙂 If ever you are in the area I highly recommend swinging by for a bite. Who needs to wait for #tacotuesday when there’s always a #richtreefiesta at the Eaton Centre!


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