For the past few weeks i have been helping coach 4-5 year old’s soccer team, and i can not tell you enough how much i have enjoyed for these past few weeks.

These kids are so talented, we probably have a future Fifa Cup player on the team:P

I find that volunteering to coach soccer was a great idea because i love children and i’m really good with them, and i played for 14 years so i could always teach them new things from when they’re really young.

As tiring as chasing kids on a field to go the right direction, they really enjoy playing and i think they like my coaching which is nice because i want them to like me:P

This is Jayden and i just sitting on the blanket, he likes being called Superman:)

I don’t really miss soccer as much as i should, but i never thought that i would love coaching so much, seeing them smile when they get their first goal, and when our star goalie makes awesome saves. It is really rewarding to be on such an amazing team, and i am really going to miss them when it is over<3

~~Halle Livingston Miss Teen Durham-World 2012

Written by: Halle Livingston
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