If i could create any TV show it would be called UGLY BEAUTY. Each show would be a documentary going all around the world and interviewing women or men and asking them to talk about what they consider beauty but what we can see as ugly. I would be the host of the show.

i picked this type of show because you see this kind of thing everywhere, girls not seeing what everyone else sees girls seeing ugly when really there is true beauty right in front of them. I personally had a phase where i did not like the way i looked, yet i kept getting compliments saying i was beautiful and i should be a model, i did not see what they saw. After a few years of disliking my body i started thinking, why should i bother putting myself down when no one else seems to be doing it. That year i joined karate, and for some strange reason, i never felt more confident in myself. i was getting higher in belts, i was getting stronger and learning new things, i actually felt good about myself, i felt confident.


So for the show, i would start off somewhere where everyone knew the place, like Toronto. I would find a girl or boy to interview ask them how they would define beautiful and when i got an answer like ” well its all about the way you dress, or how your hair looks, etc.” i would ask that person to come with me to a place like Africa, and i would show them that there, it is always how you dress or what you put on your face.In Africa they have traditional tribal clothes and have tattoos all over their face. Also, the most beautiful women have these giant rings in their mouth that are called lip plates.

I know this show will reach out to alot of people around the world because i know i am not the only person who has thought they weren’t beautiful. I hope this show touches alot of peoples hearts and lets them realize true beauty is their own kind of beautiful.

Written by: Halle Livingston
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  1. Twilight says:

    Sounds like a great show. I would totally watch it.

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