For the past few weeks i have been helping coach 4-5 year old’s soccer team, and i can not tell you enough how much i have enjoyed for these past few weeks.

These kids are so talented, we probably have a future Fifa Cup player on the team:P

I find that volunteering to coach soccer was a great idea because i love children and i’m really good with them, and i played for 14 years so i could always teach them new things from when they’re really young.

As tiring as chasing kids on a field to go the right direction, they really enjoy playing and i think they like my coaching which is nice because i want them to like me:P

This is Jayden and i just sitting on the blanket, he likes being called Superman:)

I don’t really miss soccer as much as i should, but i never thought that i would love coaching so much, seeing them smile when they get their first goal, and when our star goalie makes awesome saves. It is really rewarding to be on such an amazing team, and i am really going to miss them when it is over<3

~~Halle Livingston Miss Teen Durham-World 2012

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On March 27 i was lucky enough to meet some amazing people to help bring awareness to everyone about the struggles of Epilepsy, and how they should know that they are never alone.


So on that day, i went to Toronto, wearing the best color ever strutting my stuff in the Purple Day Fashion Show for Epilepsy.

I hope if i win Miss Teen Canada-World, i will get to help bring more awareness to Purple Day<3

~Halle Livingston-Miss Teen Durham-World

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Hey There! I’m Halle Livingston, Miss Teen Durham-World. I am 18 years old and I grew up in Ajax, Ontario.

Miss Teen Durham 2012, Halle LivingstoneI am a fun, outgoing kinda girl who is always up for a challenge.

I enjoy dancing (hip hop), reading books, watching movies/tv shows on my laptop and most of all i love karate, it has become my life.

Unfortunately I do not dance in any fancy studio, just the comfort of my own bedroom, but I have done shows for my school and an ITP competition. I would like to join a class very soon because I know I have much to learn.

I also do Karate, I am currently a first degree black belt and  I plan on staying for a very long time, I might even end up taking over the class next year, I have run half classes a few times before but I’ve never run a full class. I’m very touched that my Sensei’s have chosen me over students who have been there longer. I am very honored and I hope to make them proud.

I am currently not in school at the moment but I have applied to a few colleges for massage therapy, and I’ve also toured Guelph University and Flemming College. I also thought that if massage therapy did not work out for me, I would become a police officer, my karate experience could help me a lot in the field.

My goal as Miss Teen Durham-World is bringing awareness to unprivileged and marginalized teens who find themselves homeless in Durham. I want to demonstrate to them that anything is possible with the right attitude.

Follow me and support my cause!

My first post on the 2012 Miss Teen Canada Blog Network was sponsored by Direct Buy, and Toronto roof repair system.

~Halle Livingston –Miss Teen Durham-World 2012.

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